Interview of the artist Yelow at La Pagerie Tropical Garden Hotel

Interview of the artist Yelow at La Pagerie Tropical Garden Hotel

Eco-responsibility and Artistic expression: two major lines of the values carried by the hotel La Pagerie**** are at the heart of a partnership developed with the Milmurs Association. In 2019, for the First Edition in Martinique of the International Street Art Festival carried by Milmurs, La Pagerie hotel partner of the project welcomed the participating artists, including Ruben Carrasco, Mexican artist and founding member of the Festival, author of a monumental wall painting in our tropical garden.
The collaboration with Milmurs continues this year, with this time the creative imprint of the artist Cédric Tran Ngoc also known as Yelow, on the iconic Tower of the hotel and also in our two new suites.

Exchange with a plural artist inspired by the Caribbean :

"LA PAGERIE: Introduce yourself, where are you from ?
YELOW : Cédric, Yelow, Painter, residing in Marie Galante, in Guadeloupe.

LA PAGERIE: Your art started in the kitchen, can you tell us about your artistic journey ?
YELOW : It is true that my art started in the kitchen and it is this artistic side that attracted me. There are really similarities between painting and cooking. To make it short, it was a year after I arrived in Marie Galante that I started painting by seizing opportunities that were offered to me, originally I do graffiti. I find in painting the mixture of texture and color that I had in the kitchen. So going from cooking to painting was not very difficult in the end.

LA PAGERIE : In a few words, can you present your art to us ?
YELOW : Between cooking and painting, there was graffiti. I practiced graffiti until I came to the West Indies. I practice it much less now. When I made the switch between graffiti and painting, I adapted to canvas. Unfortunately doing graffiti on canvas doesn't make sense to me. So it was necessary to find a topic, a theme on which to express myself and the topic that came most naturally is the theme of miscegenation. I'm myself of mixed race and the Antilles are islands of interbreeding. This theme spoke to me quite quickly and it is what I wanted to put forward in my in my first paintings. In this spirit of interbreeding, I now paint human nature, Man in general.

LA PAGERIE: Tell us about the projects of La Pagerie
YELOW : The management of the hotel entrusted me with two beautiful projects, to create the artistic identity at the same time of the new suites and to dress the hotel's tower. For me, it was a challenge because it was a first to paint on trellised panel. For the suites, I started with the idea of portraits, but I wanted to add some nature around the portrait to fit in the atmosphere of La Pagerie and its tropical garden. A face alone would not have justified the identity of this partnership."

So are you ready to come and see Yelow's work at La Pagerie ? Book your Tropical Chic experience, we're waiting for you !

For more details on Yelow's work, we invite you to follow him on Instagram : yelow_paint